An open door to a career in design and technology.

Upperstudy invests in aspiring digital product designers; providing funding, personalized education, collaborative apprenticeship, and professional experience to underestimated individuals everywhere in the United States.


Beyond a bootcamp.

Gain the professional experience needed to launch a career in technology by collaborating with established designers on real products.
Learn the design skills, workflows, and collaboration abilities that are sought after by today's top technology companies.
Receive continual career coaching that helps you prepare your portfolio, practice interviewing, and confidentially negotiate compensation.
Build relationships and become a member of an exclusive network of peers, mentors, and hiring managers all over the country.


No savings required.

Receive $2,000 every month of your apprenticeship so you can focus on learning, working, and and launching your career.
Get a MacBook Pro and all the other tools you’ll need to practice digital product design, like Figma, Framer, Invision, and more.
Work and learn in a modern distributed environment, participating in online workshops, design reviews, and one-on-ones over Slack & Zoom.


As long as you need.

Upperstudy is an intensive full-time commitment, designed to launch your career in design as soon as possible. Stay enrolled and continue receiving investment as long as you need until we help you find a dream job.


Free until you succeed.

Upperstudy costs nothing until you launch your design career earning at least $50,000 per year. Once established, share 10% of earnings for 36 months. No credit, no loans, no interest, no debt, and no risk required.


Time for questions.

Who is eligible to apply?
Upperstudy welcomes aspiring individuals of all backgrounds from anywhere in the United States. A college degree or prior professional experience are not required, but those with either are still encouraged to apply. You must be at least 18 years old and a United States resident.
What kind of education will I receive?
Your personalized education will prepare you with the design and problem-solving capabilites needed to succeed. You’ll learn and practice skills like researching customer needs, identifying and evaluating design opportunities, designing and prototyping solutions, and producing high-fidelity digital products.
Who will I apprentice with?
Our mentors are trained professionals who are passionate about both product design and apprenticing the next generation of talent. They’ll give you one-on-one direction, feedback, and collaboration as you work together on every-day projects.
What kind of experience will I get?
Your apprenticeship is structured to give you professional experience gained while designing digital products and services. Over the course of the program, you’ll work on many different projects in collaboration with several mentors. You'll graduate with a portfolio full of real-world projects.
How does Upperstudy help me get a job?
In addition to providing real professional experience, Upperstudy provides a playbook for launching your career. This includes helping you prepare your portfolio, build your personal brand, practice and prepare for interviews, and negotiate compensation. This playbook is supported by staff dedicated to your ongoing career success.
How does Upperstudy’s tuition work?
Our tuition is simple: there’s no loan, no debt, and Upperstudy costs you nothing upfront. Once you launch your career in design making at least $50,000 a year, you’ll share back 10% of your earnings for three years through our Income Share Agreement.
How long is Upperstudy?
Most apprentices may expect to graduate in 3 to 6 months, though Upperstudy is designed to be flexible in length. You may stay enrolled as long as you need to launch your career—continuing to receive investment, education, and apprenticeship—provided you continue to meet program participation requirements.